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    Underwater Video

    Welcome to TK Media, your professional partner for underwater video.

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              We are currently located in Malta.

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Our Services

Take a look at what we can offer to contribute to your project, what our strengths are and how we operate.

Latest Projects

Have a loot at our latest Projects. Some great videos from our recent adventures are available now.


Diver Portrait Video

Are you an enthusiastic diver and have you always wanted to get some nice shots of you underwater? We can offer to film you while you are diving and edit the clips into a final short video in Ultra HD (4K)

PRODUCING your unique underwater video has never been so easy

Contact us for quotes for private video services and let us produce

your unique underwater video.

Komodo National Park from Tobias Koller on Vimeo.

Now Open For Business

We specialize in making your concepts a reality.

You have a brilliant idea but need support in underwater filming? Contact us and we are happy to assist you with it. Our goal is to deliver high quality service and provide you with all the expertise necessary to complete your project.

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